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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 20, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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>> real $500 and you can see the guy inside the restaurant trying to figure out is this real? did this really happen? what just went down? >> they're not going to go back and ask for the money back, are they? i am waiting for the prank to happen. >> the waiter thinks these guys messed up. speechless could describe the waiter's reaction. >> wait, wait, what? >> no. >> okay. i do like the guy. >> he can barely put a word together let alone a sentence. >> so awesome. >> he did have a pretty good reaction. it was worth the $500. >> in the video he explains to the server we're going around tipping waiters and getting reaction. >> put it on youtube, is that okay. >> totally. >> that's the show, everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. get ready for the best videos of the day "right this minute." a desperate rescue attempt after a car catches fire while -- >> the driver is still trapped
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inside. >> how a hero cop came away with burned hands and a pain in his heart. under water adventure as a guy dives right into. >> whale sharks. >> see the close call below the surface and one above. another showdown at a downtown atlanta mall. now a new development in the case of that controversial security guard. >> i understand that you just got pretty bad news. >> yeah, i won't be working here. >> a cat at a burger joint. >> ketchup and cheese only. >> and the mystery on the motorcycle. >> a naked lady? >> or is that a doll? >> it is one or the other. >> you're about to see a very brave and intense demonstration of police protecting and serving. this is dash cam video from the prince george's police department in maryland and you can see they have come up on a car fire. it was reportedly going
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westbound on a highway and hit a guard rail and spun around ka reasoned sideways and the driver was trapped inside. three officers and one civilian were seen on the scene trying to rescue the driver. right here you see officers running with fire extinguishers trying to get the fire out. again, the driver is still trapped inside. right here you see a plain clothes police officer being walked away from the scene. >> did he get hurt? >> he did get hurt. he suffered burns to his hands and face and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. as you can see here this man is really emotionally upset because he couldn't get the man out. 70 years old driver died as a result of this accident. look how this is affecting the police officer that tried to help. >> doesn't seem he is concerned at all with the burns on his hand or face. he is more torn by what he just witnessed and what he couldn't do. >> if it is any comfort they talk to the mother-in-law of the
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driver who parished and she called the officers heroes because they tried all they could to help the man. other officers are coming to his aid and pouring something on his hands and he did have to end up going to the hospital for treatment. >> another officer tried to break the windshield and he wasn't able to do it and the flames were too too intense. >> witnesses tell them speed may be a factor. two videos to show you guys, a bad case of the sticky fingers. the first one is very short surveillance clip of these two people that went into this pet store and they played around with a puppy which the owner of the store says it is okay to do. when she was distracted they grabbed the black lab mix puppy and they stormed out the door. >> oh, man. who steals a puppy? what are you going to do, raise the puppy and you know you stole the thing? it is terrible.
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>> you do see the owner come out from one of the aisles and follows trying to get their license plate but they had it covered with a piece of paper so she wasn't able to. police are looking for the people and she wants the puppy found because she wants to make sure it is being taken care of properly. the second one is surveillance from the driveway of a home and you see a car pull up to the street and you see someone quickly get out and then surveillance from the porch of this home catches the moment the passenger of that car walks up to the porch and knocks on the door and when nobody answers, this woman who appears to be pregnant by the way tears the screen off the window, breaks the window and jumps in to steal jewelry and electronics from inside the home. >> what? >> she is either pregnant or that is just all the other loot she picked up from the neighborhood. >> police are saying the same car was seen taking off from an earlier burglary, so you might be right. >> if she is pregnant, i hope
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that baby is inside of her giving her a big swift kick to the ribs. >> and making her peace. >> and giving her morning sickness. >> and hemorrhoids. >> and vomiting. >> yeah. >> you guys might remember darren long, the now famous mall cop from atlanta, georgia, who has a no nonsense approach to keeping crime out of a downtown atlanta mall. >> back it up. you better. >> remember this lapel cam video he tased the woman outside of the mall? i have another one of those videos that was just uploaded. >> time for you to leave. >> ain't going nowhere. >> you ain't going nowhere, get out my building. >> you can tell he is trying to get the guys to get out of the mall. >> get out. get out of my building. >> he has chosen to pull out his taser gun. >> back it up. >> keep watching the video. things get really heated. >> oh! >> oh, boy. >> as you can see, darren used
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his taser. >> he has one shot with that taser and there is four or five guys he is facing. >> we have him via skype "right this minute." welcome back to the show, darren. >> how you doing? >> we're doing really well. i understand you just got bad news. >> oh, yeah, i won't be working here. my last day of work is march 31st. >> is that a result of this video? >> i think it was a result of a lot of things, the publicity, it is not one thing, it is all the things. >> were you shocked? were you surprised when you were let go? >> no. you can see the writing on the wall. two of the vendors actually leaving, revenues down, so there is a whole bunch of stuff going on. >> what do you think will happen after march 31st when you are done working there? >> in two or three days the drug dealers will come back in. >> do you know what you may do next? will you stay? security and try to clean up atlanta some. >> after the interviews and the videos and the people in the industry thinking, well, that's
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not really, really special, and people more concerned about their liability than what's going on, it may make it particularly tough for me to get another job in this field. i don't know. we'll see. >> the entitled only in florida. somebody is shooting outside the window and a car driving on i-95 and you will not be able to guess what it about to pass this car. >> a dodonkey. >> wrong and wrong. >> is that a naked lady. >> or a doll? >> one or the other. to me it looks like a naked woman on the back of a motorcycle. is she wearing a shirt or sundress blowing up? laying back? showing it off or airing it out. >> airing it out. i think you are right. >> get a good pause right here. this individual is wearing shoes, just letting it all hang out. >> and writing command owe. >> we have a lot of viewers in
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florida. does this happen often? it is only in florida. to be the stickler here, not safe. she should have riding leathers on. >> can you imagine if she had an accident right now? she would skin some stuff. a trip from malaysia to the u.k. all alone on a motorcycle with a camera. >> because nobody told them it was a bad idea. >> see what crazy things happen along the way. >> caught on camera. >> a video all about social farting. it is a huge problem. >> do you wanting to outside for a fart? >> yeah. >> yeah. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler!
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april fools day just around the corner and right this mean it is trying to find the best prank video. >> original stuff. prank your mom, sister, brother,
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co-workers, whoever. we want it to be funny and awesome and send it to us. >> to send us the videos go to and upload the video using the my channel feature and you could be a star on the april fools day show. crazy dash cam video this time from india. take a look at this guy behind a huge tanker truck and the truck ahead is trying to pass and makes a quick turn and over turns in front. watch. there goes the power lines. zap, zap, zap. >> caught on camera. >> the goo i that uploaded this said the driver was okay and this isn't just a dash cam video. this is recorded by he had marsh. he captured this incredible scene and many others while he was on an eight month journey riding his honda c-90, a very small motorcycle, about the size of a moped and shipped the bike to malaysia and decided to ride it back to britain, 14,500 miles. >> wow. >> economical, i am sure it
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didn't take a lot of gas. >> because nobody told him it was a bad idea. so ed has put his footage up on kick starter including the scene where he had a chance to throw a hand grenade. he also had the chance to mount a machine gun to his little honda. he had the opportunity to do shots with a little old lady. ed says i have all of this great footage and i would like to create a documentary and he created a kick starter campaign and close to reaching his goal of 7500 pounds, about 11,000 u.s. dollars and already over 6,000 pounds, nine grand so far and the campaign ends this month. if you want to help ed out on the campaign go to and click on best of rtm. i know a lot of people do this because it is natural but i don't like it. >> it is true that i fart, but i
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wouldn't call myself a farter. i am a social farter. >> it is a huge problem. >> i really only do it when i am out with my friends. >> is it this have something to do with smoking? this is what people say about smoking. like i don't smoke, i just smoke when i am with my friends or out. >> that's exactly what this video is about social farting. it is a canadian campaign and i am hoping it picks up in the states. >> i will use it as an excuse to meet a guy. >> do you wanting to outside for a fart? >> they're telling people the social farting isn't cool and neither is social smoking. so quit the denial and get on with it and stop smoking. >> you are affecting other people because they're sucking in the second hand farts. >> exactly.
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it is awful. really, this is really about smoking which i think is probably a little worse because it will kill you. >> some farts could. >> true. >> just because at parties now and then, it doesn't make me a farter. >> what would the world be without animals doing something crazy? we start in vietnam. somebody took a video and said i love watching the dogs being taken to the park every day to relieve itself but it is how it gets taken to the park. >> she is holding the paw like holding hands with a child. >> every time the woman takes the dog across the park for the break it holds her hand. >> yeah. the dog almost has to walk like that because the traffic is so dense and thick it risks getting hit if it walks on all fours. >> that's interesting and this goes to show cats are weird. i love cats but they're weird if you scratch it it will lick you.
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>> that's sweet. it is like you scratch my back and i will scratch yours kind of, you scratch my back and i will lick yours. and the camera and anything else. real live matrix scenes. >> where the person stands still in time. >> wow. >> and the camera kind of moves around. >> we'll reveal how they did it and he is a one man band on a subway. >> he starts creating a beat and once he has a beat he likes he i ñáçwçñ
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every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus only from venus embrace. imagine this is your vacation. if fella was doing a little diving in the upon a whale shar. know anything about whale sharks? they're pretty enormous. they can be up to 41 feet long, weigh around 47,000 pounds. >> so pretty, too, with the spec he wills and docile and you want to hug them. >> they're docile and skimmer feeders. you can see the mouth is not enormous and they are feeding at the time this diver catches this video. he gets up close and personal. in fact, he titled this video whale shark attack in the philippines. what i like about whale sharks whenever we see the videos, the fish that hang on like annen
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tragedy like big jeff and the little crew. this moment right here is why he is calling it an almost whale shark attack. he is filming a shark in the distance and, whoa, that was almost it. the guy on the boat above the whale sharks has his foot dangling in the water and if you watch closely right here, oh, the whale shark almost skims his foot. he is like that is not a fish. >> smells like it, though. >> if you notice, the whale sharks are not afraid of the lollipoplation in the philippines. other divers in the water and people say in the philippines in this particular area this is something they do. conservationists question this because they think it teaches the wrong kind of behavior to the whale sharks >> they probably throw food in to attract them. >> you're right. some of the people that go in the area do end up feeding the whale sharks. i love it when internet worlds collide, especially when they're two of our favorite
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contributors, devan graham teaming up with board shorts tv for a kid snippet episode. >> with devan graham. >> yeah, based on the giant rope swing video. this is funny. >> i can jump off high cliffs and small cliffs. >> the kid snippets are super funny. they give kids the scenario and asks them to talk about it and use their imagination and they film the interaction and take the audio and have adult actors act out what the kids say. >> do you want to do it? >> i want to do it. >> why are you so, so scared? >> in this case they chose devan graham and richard char, one of board shorts tv regular actors. >> this is brilliant, to see de devan like this. >> the crossover is very appealing. >> fun to hear him count down. >> 3-2-1. >> and of course there is a behind the scenes video as well. they shot this at a park called thanksgiving point and you can see they're not exactly on the edge of a tall cliff. >> i am waiting for devan to jump off a cliff once.
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>> yourturn. episode is super o it. funny and the behind vane is interesting. click on best of rtm to see it all. >> what do you get when you rig up this many go pros and people doing awesome stuff. looks like something like 16 or 17. >> watch the cool stuff you can do when you have a guy going off a bike ramp or somebody doing some back flips in your front yard or somebody playing the drums? you can sort of get that matrix effect where the person stands still in time. >> wow. >> and the camera kind of moves around almost at a 360 motion. >> oh. >> gnarly. >> no other word than matrix move. >> he calls it the go pro array. it is like one big line across. awesome stuff. a band performing as a guy does that classic guitar move and freezes in mid-air and the chef
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flipping the pan up a. >> do they have to move the camera? >> nothing is moving. all the cameras are running at the same time and able to use software to stitch the pictures together. the video was uploaded by mark donohue from the bay area, a big fan of "right this minute." thanks to mark for that. at the end you can see the guys talking about how they got the idea and this is cool. watch this. >> we have been chatting about making a rig with a bunch of go pros. the next morning i woke up. >> he is talking in realtime kind of. pretty cool stuff they're able to come up with. >> this cat took care of a mouse in the house. >>
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if you ever had problems with chop sticks, these are just pens but maybe you probably wanted to do what this guy does in this video and shows us he has himself what looks like a stainless steel pan and a bunch of plastic chop sticks and he sets it up here against the fence and then watch what the guy does. >> whoa. >> no! >> it is going through that pan?
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>> he is throwing the chop sticks and they're going through the bottom of this pan, and it looks like one goes the whole way through and takes the pan and brings it over to closer, three, four, shows us, yeah, went right through and what the damage looks like on the bottom of the pan. >> it has to be real. maybe the pan is just old and worn out. >> if you're out on a sushi date with the guy, don't upset him. a tender tale of a man and his pet. he is playing with his cat captain ahab and says he did him a big favor and caught and killed a mouse that's been running around the house for a while. as a treat to his kitty captain ahab he took him out. >> are you comfortable? yeah? >> to the drive thru. >> oh. fun. >> the conversation between captain ahab and william is funny. >> i am sorry.
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i didn't -- expired. >> well behaved cat. >> very well behaved cat. >> no, because you wanted me to play in the morning. you want me to play with you all morning. it is noon now. i skipped breakfast to play with you. >> he explains it is easy to get food from the drive thru. all you have to do is yell at a box and they give you food. >> the people at the drive thru love him. listen. >> he wanted to go for a ride today. yeah. >> great relationship. william and captain ahab have. get the fries and you have to dig into the bag as soon as you get it. the fries are the first to go. gets home and cuts the kitty some burger as a reward for keeping the house free of rodents. you're on a train going somewhere and you're not going temptation of a smartphone. will you


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